YSAPPA: A Guide to Effective Programs
Editors: Shobana Raghupathy & James L. Peterson

YSAPPA: A Guide to Effective Programs is a resource for all individuals interested in learning more about the 12 exemplary programs comprising the Youth Substance Abuse Prevention Programs Archive (YSAPPA). Part 1 of the Sourcebook provides in-depth descriptions of 12 programs in YSAPPA, each program's target population, the schedule and nature of activities comprising the intervention, and requirements for implementing the program. A description of the original program evaluation, including how the evaluation was designed and what the evaluation results showed, is also presented.

Part 2 of the Guide documents our experience conducting a field test of the programs. In the Field Test, practitioners across the country re-implemented YSAPPA programs using packages prepared by Sociometrics. The aim of the field tests was to see if we design packages that were comprehensive, attractive and usable by practitioners. In the Guide we share what we learned about practitioners' experiences gained while transforming the program package materials into "live" programs; and the challenges they faced in adapting program materials to their settings.

Two of the test sites also conducted an evaluation to test the effectiveness of their programs. The programs that were evaluated were the State-Wide Indian Drug Prevention Program, and Project ALERT. The test sites collected pre and post intervention data to study the program's impact. Sociometrics analyzed the data collected. Part 3 of the Sourcebook reports the findings from the evaluations. The results help us understand the effectiveness of these two programs in settings that are different from the ones in which they were originally implemented.

Materials in each program package are licensed for use in one implementation site. All materials are copyrighted and may not be copied or distributed. If you would like to order additional materials or program packages, please contact Customer Support. Email: socio@socio.com Tel: 650-949-3282.

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