Residential Student Assistance Program (RSAP)
Investigator: Ellen Morehouse

The RSAP program is a 5-year demonstration project in Westchester County, New York, that has dramatically reduced substance use among institutionalized adolescents at risk. RSAP is adapted from the county's highly successful Student Assistance Program, similar to the Employee Assistance Programs effectively used by industry to identify and aid employees whose jobs and lives have been harmed by substance abuse. RSAP is uniquely designed to address the needs of seriously troubled 14-17-year-olds.

The program can be implemented in any residential facility for adolescents. Student Assistance Services Corporation (SAS Corp.), a community-based prevention agency, administers and supervises the program in partnership with each of the facilities. SAS Corp. provides clinical and programmatic supervision to assure that the program is implemented as designed. The model has several administrative and clinical strategy components. View more detailed information on this program.

Materials in this program package are licensed for use in one implementation site. All materials are copyrighted and may not be copied or distributed. If you would like to order additional materials or program packages, please contact Customer Support. Email: Tel: 650-949-3282.

Original Instrument: Prevention Planning Survey
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