Project Towards No Tobacco Use (Project TNT)
Investigators: Steve Sussman, Clyde W. Dent, Alan W. Stacy, Sande Craig, & Dee Burton

Project TNT is designed to target the primary causes of cigarette smoking, smokeless tobacco use, and cigar and pipe smoking among teens. The program's main emphasis is on changing normative beliefs and perceptions of prevalence of use, and on teaching decision-making, effective communication and refusal assertion skills to increase self-efficacy to not begin use. The curriculum provides detailed information about the health consequences of tobacco and addresses topics to enhance self-confidence, counteracting advertising images and social activism to change norms, and decision making/public commitment.

Project TNT is a comprehensive program conducted in the school classroom for youths in grades five through 9. The core curriculum is delivered over 10 consecutive days. Each session is approximately one 45 to 50 minutes each. A two-session booster is conducted approximately one year after the original curriculum is implemented. View more detailed information on this program.

Materials in this program package are licensed for use in one implementation site. All materials are copyrighted and may not be copied or distributed. If you would like to order additional materials or program packages, please contact Customer Support. Email: Tel: 650-949-3282.

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