Who Can Purchase CEDETA Resources?

Please read this section before completing the Order Form and Purchase Qualifications Form.

Sociometrics CEDETA materials are restricted to qualified purchasers in accordance with the ethical and professional standards of the American Psychological Association. Below we describe three categories of purchasers and the associated purchaser qualifications. All first-time purchasers are required to complete the Purchaser Qualification Form and submit it with their order, which will then be filed for future purchases. Institutional purchase orders may be placed by those other than the intended user of the resources, but must be countersigned by an individual who has completed the Purchase Qualification Form.

Category 1: Resources purchased for teaching or training

For CEDETA materials used for the purpose of teaching students or providing in-service training to professionals, qualified purchaser must have successfully completed one graduate-level course in tests and measurements, and one graduate-level course in counseling or clinical psychology practice with children. The individual must also be a member of a professional association, registered by a professional association, or employed by a firm that has adopted a code of ethical conduct similar to that of the APA.

Category 2: Resources purchased for clinical treatment purposes

Qualified purchasers must a) meet category 1 requirements; b)be licensed to practice psychotherapy in their jurisdiction (name roles);  and c) meet the criteria specified in the “staffing requirements for treatment administration” section of the individual treatment program descriptions.

Note that test and assessment resources included in CEDETA resources are reference copies only; copies for assessment and referral purposes must be purchased separately from their original distributor and users must abide by that distributor’s purchaser qualification requirements.

Category 3:  Resources purchased for research purposes

Materials that will be used for research purposes may be purchased only by college and university faculty members or professional staff of hospitals and business organizations. Students enrolled in graduate programs may also purchase materials that will be used for research purposes only if the Purchaser Qualification Form is countersigned by the student’s supervisor or department head. In the case of students, enrollment in a graduate program that adheres to a code of ethical conduct similar to that approved by the APA will satisfy these requirements.

Category 4: Resources purchased for library reference purposes

Materials for library use are sold to individuals upon the assurance that these products will be made accessible only to persons who meet the criteria specified under Category 1 and 2. This assurance must be submitted in writing on letterhead stationary before the order will be processed. The letter containing this assurance must be countersigned by an individual who satisfies either the Category 1 or Category 2 criteria.

Although it is essential for Sociometrics to ensure that materials are only sold to individuals who meet approved requirements, it is not the responsibility of Sociometrics to ensure that materials are used properly. That responsibility remains with the purchaser even in cases where the purchaser delegates the direct use of materials to someone else.

Please Note: Before CEDETA program boxes can be shipped, we must have a completed copy of the Purchase Qualifications Form (fax copy is OK) in our office. To expedite your shipment, it is helpful to download the Purchase Qualifications Form, and fax it back to Sociometrics at (650) 949-3299. Due to the necessity of the Qualifications Form, CEDETA program boxes are not available for purchase online.