VPEC: Virtual Program Evaluation Consultant
Authors: Shobana Raghupathy, Tamara Kuhn, & Ruben Ruiz

The Virtual Program Evaluation Consultant (VPEC) is a simple, easy-to-use online survey creation, data collection and analysis tool that will help in evaluating  small and large-scale HIV/AIDS prevention programs.  No major evaluation or computer expertise is required for using it.

What does VPEC do:

  • Creates customized online as well as printable evaluation surveys in just minutes
  • Self-administers the online surveys to your participants through an easy-to-use interface with audio features
  • Provides secure and confidential storage of the data
  • Provides a range of options for data analysis including complete data analysis and report writing by Sociometrics’ staff

Special features of VPEC:

  • A wide selection of valid and reliable measures for  determining program outcomes including ready-to-use surveys. Measures include questions and scales on knowledge, belief’s and attitudes about HIV/AIDS, HIV testing, sex risk behaviors, drug risk behaviors, medical history, physical and mental health.
  • Choice of online or paper-and-pencil surveys
  • An audio feature that allows all survey questions to be read aloud. Beneficial for program participants with low literacy levels or other reading disabilities.
  • Online surveys can be administered in Spanish. Ideal for Hispanic audiences.
  • Absolute confidentiality of survey responses. Respondents remain anonymous.
  • Easy and complete access to the data collected
  • Technical consultation by Sociometrics’ staff  (for data analysis and report writing) for a small, additional fee
  • Short online courses on program evaluation and survey creation

VPEC can be used by practitioners, health professionals, social workers, researchers in community-based organizations, clinics,  and other agencies that work in the area of HIV/AIDS prevention. 

The product is available exclusively by subscription.