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AFDA Data Set No. 13-14

National Child Care Survey 1990: Parent Study
Sandra L. Hofferth, April Brayfield, Sharon Deich, Pamela Holcomb, and Frederic Glantz

The National Child Care Survey is a nationally representative study of 4,392 households with one or more children under age 13 conducted in late 1989 and early 1990. The study consisted of a survey of parents in randomly selected households with children under age 13 (the Parent Study), a survey of individuals who provide child care in their own homes, a survey of child care providers used by the respondents in the Parent Study, a low-income substudy, and a military substudy. This data set includes only data from the Parent Study. The low-income substudy has been archived separately as AFDA Data Set Nos. 20-21. Data in this study can be linked to two studies of child care providers: A Profile of Child Care Settings: Home-Based Programs (AFDA Data Set Nos. 15-16) and A Profile of Child Care Settings: Center-Based Programs (AFDA Data Set Nos. 17- 18). Each of these three studies employ the same first stage primary sampling unit (PSU), which can be used as the linking variable. This study focused on the use of child care arrangements, how child care affects parental employment patterns, how parents make decisions about child care, and the characteristics of the settings in which child care is provided. The survey included a schedule of when the respondent and his or her spouse or partner was at work and a schedule of when each child was at each child care arrangement to provide a detailed picture of the correspondence between child care arrangements and work. Extensive data on employment history were gathered, including the relationship between work and child care in the past. Basic demographic information such as income, education, and ethnic group is also included. There are 1,418 variables in all. The questionnaire was administered over the telephone with the interviewer using a CATI (Computer Aided Telephone Interview) system. Interviewers successfully screened 82.6% of the households contacted, and completed interviews at 69.4% of the eligible households, making the overall response rate 57.4% (69.4% X 82.6%).

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