1990-92 National AIDS Behavioral Surveys (NABS I)
Investigators: Center for AIDS Prevention Studies, University of California, San Francisco

The 1990-92 National AIDS Behavioral Surveys (NABS) examined AIDS-relevant risk behaviors and their correlates in a population-based sample (using standard RDD and dual frame sampling methods) of adults residing in the contiguous United States. NABS is based on a complex household probability sampling strategy that sought to determine the prevalence of HIV prevention and behavioral risk factors among adults in the United States, with an emphasis on oversampling respondents in large urban areas, African Americans, Latinos, and the elderly. National level estimates were obtained. In addition, prevalence data were obtained on a variety of other sexual topics (e.g., sexual problems). A limited number of psychosocial measures (e.g., perceptions of risk, condom attitudes, sexual communication) were also obtained.

The complete NABS is comprised of three non-combinable samples:

  1. A nationally-representative, random-digit-dialed (RDD) telephone survey of adults;
  2. A partially overlapping RDD Central City Sample (separately weighted), and
  3. A sample of Hispanic surnamed households screened for race (Hispanic and African American only) and age (18-49 only).

This dataset is comprised of a subset of the RDD Central City Sample (Sample 2, above) divided into seven non-combinable subsamples from the following high risk urban areas: Chicago (n=951), Detroit (n=566), Houston (n=526), Los Angeles (n=839), Miami (n=494), New York (n=555), and Philadelphia (n=549). These samples, when properly weighted, may be used to make separate, individual estimates for large, high-risk metropolitan areas.

Data for this subsample of NABS I were collected from June 1990 to February 1991 by telephone interview. Supplementary study documentation and appendices describing study objectives; instrument development; sample design and administrative techniques; field work; response rates; non-response study; survey editing and data entry procedures and statistical issues are included with this dataset.

The complete sample NABS I dataset and complete NABS II data (1992) are available from Sociometrics' HIV/AIDS/STI exemplary data collection.

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