Get Real About AIDS® - This program is no longer available.
Investigator: Comprehensive Health Education Foundation

This fourteen-session program for high school students emphasizes behavioral skill development. During the first several classes, students study transmission and prevention of HIV, teen vulnerability to the virus, and determinants of risky behaviors. In the second half of the program, students learn and repeatedly practice skills to help them identify, manage, avoid, and leave risky situations. The final sessions help students integrate what they have learned in the program into their own lives. The program encourages teens to delay having intercourse, or for those youth who do become sexually active, to be sexually monogamous, avoid drugs and alcohol that could cloud one's judgment during intercourse, practice safer sex, get tested for HIV if they believe they are at risk, and avoid sharing needles. A field study of the curriculum was conducted in seventeen Colorado high schools serving rural, suburban, and urban populations. In a six month follow-up assessment comparing Get Real about AIDS® participants with a comparison group of peers, sexually-active program participants had fewer sexual partners, purchased and used condoms more frequently, intended to engage in sex less frequently and planned to use condoms when they did. The evaluation data did not record, however, a delay in the onset of sexual activity, a decrease the frequency of sexual activity or a reduction in drug and alcohol use prior to sex. View more detailed information on this program.

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