Queens Hospital Center's Teenage Program
Investigators: Jill M. Rabin & Vicki Seltzer

Based upon the premise that a teen's first pregnancy may stem from underlying, unmet needs, this clinic-based program provides medical care, psychosocial support, and education to the adolescent, her partner, and her family. The comprehensive approach to service emphasizes early intervention, beginning during pregnancy. For the duration of the intervention, each patient and her infant remain with a team of providers: an obstetrician-gynecologist, pediatrician, social worker, and health educator. The program also includes a physician/ practitioner 24 hour "on call" system and a reproductive health and family life education program, featuring bi-weekly classes for the patient, her partner, and family. In an effort to prevent repeat pregnancy and STDs, the teen's partner is encouraged to participate in education, support, and counseling activities. A field study of the intervention was conducted in Queens, New York, with 498 adolescents and their infants. Compared to a control group of teen mothers, program participants were more likely to attend and graduate from school and (for those who were sexually active) use regular contraception; additionally, both they and their infants experienced significantly better health. Moreover, the repeat pregnancy rate was significantly lower for program participants compared to the control group. View more detailed information on this program.

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