Adolescent Sexual Health Education: An Activity Sourcebook
Editors: Josefina J. Card & Tabitha Benner

Published by Springer Publishing Company, 2007, 300pp, Softcover, ISBN 978-0-8261-3822-4

Adolescent Sexual Health Education contains more than sixty ready-to-use activities to help practitioners educate teens about pregnancy and STD/HIV/AIDS prevention. The activities are drawn from prevention programs around the country that have been scientifically evaluated and proven to change teens. health behaviors.

The Sourcebook is divided into six sections, based on activity type:
1. role plays
2. group discussions
3. homework assignments
4. group activities
5. teacher-led discussions
6. other modalities

Exercises show teens how to discuss sexual issues and sexuality; how to negotiate condom use; how to protect themselves from STIs/HIV/AIDS, and how to have a greater understanding of gay, lesbian, and bisexual issues.

This wide range of activities can be used by practitioners to develop a sexuality education program from scratch or to supplement an existing program. Most activities can be led by classroom teachers, facilitators, or health educators with no prior experience. The activities are suitable for communitybased organizations, health clinics, or classroom settings.

Each activity contains the following information: Activity Goal, Original Program Setting, Time Needed, Age Level, Staff Needed, Materials Needed (handouts, scripts, etc. are included), Activity Description, Ways to Expand the Activity, The Original Intervention and Developer

Sample activities include: Discussing Safer Sex with Partners-a role play exercise, Dating Decisions-a group discussion, My Autobiography: Five Years Ahead-a homework assignment, How Much of a Threat is HIV?-group activity, Resisting Peer Pressure-teacher-led discussion. This book is also available for the Kindle.

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