Multimedia WiLLOW

Multimedia WiLLOW in an interactive computer-based intervention designed for African American women living with HIV that is gender relevant and culturally sensitive. The two-session program offers multimedia learning, games and quizzes to help viewers increase and reinforce their risk-reduction awareness, knowledge, and skills.


Funded by the National Institute of Mental Health, Multimedia WiLLOW is an interactive, computer-based sexual health resource for African-American women living with HIV
The two-session interactive, intervention emphasizes ethnic and gender pride, elements of sexual risk reduction, sexual negotiation skills, proper condom use, and development of partner norms supportive of consistent condom use.
Videos of a group of program participants during a program workshop are designed to help the user feel they are part of the group.
Multimedia WiLLOW incorporates elements of sexual risk reduction to reduce STI/HIV sexual transmission and to enhance psychosocial mediators and structural factors associated with preventive behaviors.
Games, videos, activities, audio narration, and think about it moments, all help engage the user.
A recent study demonstrated the efficacy of Multimedia WiLLOW with participants reporting an increase in protected sex (condom use) and higher levels of communication with their partners on HIV risk reduction practices. More than 96% of users reported learning something new from the program.
Women may interact with the computer-based intervention individually and at their own speed.