Psychological Tests and Assessments Resource

This searchable database contains detailed descriptions and comparison information for approximately 1500 psychological tests for use with children and adolescents, plus tutorials to assist in test selection and development, evaluation, and selection. Typically if a researcher, mental health practitioner, or student needs to identify a specific type of test for admininstration they have to conduct extensive literature searches and locate the author or publisher of the test. This database allows the user to simply search for a test by specifying key test criteria or keywords and a list of matching tests is displayed. The user can compare tests, see detailed information on each test, and in most cases quickly locate and purchase the test. This is the only comprehensive database of psychological tests for this population, including unpublished tests, and was created from a comprehensive search of the scientific literature from the last decade.


The only comprehensive database of both published and unpublished psychological tests for children and adolescents.
Users can easily search by keyword or can specify key criteria that they would like to have in the assessment. Using key criteria users can quickly identify a test designed for use by a child of a specific age or race, or they can limit it by respondents, or even just search by broad topic areas (domains).
In this example, searching by the keyword "esteem" displays 12 assessments for self-esteem or that include esteem as a major component. Users can click on any title for more information or compare tests.
In order to find the best test for their needs, users can compare key information for up to 4 tests on each search.
User's are presented with key information about each test, including:
Purpose of test, Target population, Constructs, Measurement type, Respondent, Administration form (group, individual, computerized), Administrator requirements, Scoring procedure (hand, computer, send-away), Time to complete, Number of items. Subscale/score names, Score types produced, Racial/ethnic application, Reliability information, Validity information (content, criterion-referenced, construct), Norm information (e.g., sample size; geographic, SES distribution), Buros critique availability, Costs, and How to acquire the test.
A 7 session tutorial informs the user on the key issues in the psychological testing of infants, children, and adolescents. The tutorial is ideal for use in an undergraduate course on testing or for the mental health practitioner who wants to refresh their training on testing and assessments.