Know the Risks: Sexual Health Over 50

Know the Risks: Sexual Health Over 50 is a computer-based sexual health and HIV/AIDS screening and prevention education application designed to provide age-sensitive, age-targeted HIV/AIDS and sexual health education information to older adults. This client-directed, stand-alone tool was designed for use in diverse clinic, community and social service settings serving adults over 50. The application features a brief HIV risk survey, a printable custom risk profile and 11 educational activities for viewing in a multimedia Learning Center.


A simple two button interface, with audio options, is easily used by older adults with visual or auditory impairments.
A multimedia introduction reviews features and how to use the resource--older novice computer users will feel comfortable.
An audio-enhanced 12 question screener is simple, with answers leading to customized results and learning activity suggestions.
A learning center provides audio-enhanced learning activities for all older adults, and several special focus activities.
Activities include video, games, interactive components, and audio-enhanced presentations.
Each activity has content developed just for older adults, and each uses large fonts & buttons, and high contrast colors.