HIV RAP Interactive

HIV RAP Interactive: A Multimedia Guide to Awareness and Prevention is a collection of interactive, multimedia, science-based HIV information, prevention resources and personal stories to help build your HIV/AIDS awareness, answer your questions, and provide strategies to protect you and your partner. Developed with funding from the National Institutes of Health, these science-based resources have been vetted by independent expert scholars and tested by practitioners in the field.

HIV RAP Interactive features reference materials, curriculum resources, interactive games and video clips that highlight HIV/AIDS Basics, Prevention, Testing, and Living with HIV/AIDS.


A simple interface leads to 5 sections, HIV/AIDS 101, Preventing HIV/AIDS, Getting Tested, Living with HIV/AIDS, HIV/AIDS Gender and Culture.
Each section has a selection of several short interactive or video-based activities.
Interactive games engage the user and convey information while making learning fun.
Each activity is short and many let the user choose which content they are interested in.
Short videos, such as this demonstration of a female condom, help make the information fun and easy to understand.
Activities are designed to appeal to a wide cross-section of users.