Living with HIV/AIDS  

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Group Activity: Myths about HIV and AIDS
Objective: To dispel common myths about HIV/AIDS transmission and risk.
Minimum Time: 30 minutes
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Assignment: The Origins of HIV
There have been many theories about the origins of HIV, including conspiracy theories (e.g., HIV was manufactured by the CIA) and theories about transmission from wild chimpanzees to humans. Write a research-based paper defending or refuting the following statement:

The HIV virus originated in Africa.

Virology and Natural History of HIV/AIDS

CELLS alive!
CELLS alive! allows teachers and students to use their images in class reports, projects, homework, lectures, and handouts. The site includes interactive and animated diagrams of the intracellular events of HIV infection, from initial attachment of a viral particle to a CD4+ cell, through budding of new viruses from that cell (

How AIDS Works (How Stuff Works 2001)
An easy-to-understand description of the mechanics of HIV with animated drawings.

Surviving AIDS. See HIV in Action (Nova Online 1999)
In a series of sophisticated color graphics and QuickTime movies, AIDS researcher José Assouline guides viewers through the life cycle of HIV. From “Surviving AIDS.” ( a PBS/Nova Online production

AIDS: The War Within - Illustrations of the AIDS Lifecycle (1996)
Images from an exhibit from the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago on the AIDS lifecycle.

Virology of HIV/AIDS

How HIV Works in Your Body (GlaxoSmithKline)
A cartoon approach to understanding what HIV does once it is inside the body.
Available online at

The Link Between HIV and AIDS

Fact Sheet: The Evidence that HIV Causes AIDS (NIAID 2003)
This document summarizes the abundant evidence that HIV causes AIDS. Questions and answers at the end of this document address the specific claims of those who assert that HIV is not the cause of AIDS.
Available online at

The Origin of HIV

The Past and Future of HIV
Kanki, P.J. & Essex, M.E. The Past and Future of HIV. In The Emergence of AIDS: The Impact on Immunology, Microbiology, and Public Health, K.H. Mayer & H.F. Pizer (eds.). Washington, D.C.: American Public Health Association, 2000.
This chapter discusses the origins of HIV, reviewing the findings from the first 20 years of epidemiological research.

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