Case Studies in Effective AIDS Prevention
Editors: Noah Feinstein, Josefina J. Card, John P. Shields, Tabitha Benner, & Karl Hamner

This book contains concise summaries of 18 adult-oriented HIV/AIDS prevention programs with strong evidence of effectiveness in changing sex- and drug-related risk behaviors important to the transmission of HIV. Each summary presents the history, theoretical framework and structure of an effective HIV/AIDS prevention program, together with an account of the evaluation procedure and results, in language that is accessible to students, prevention practitioners and researchers alike. Use of a consistent summary format throughout Case Studies makes it easy to find specific information and compare different aspects of the programs and their evaluations. Each summary also includes a program abstract, references for the original research articles, and specific instructions on how the reader can obtain a copy of each prevention program - either from the HIV/AIDS Prevention Program Archive or from the program's original developer.

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