HIV/AIDS Prevention Program Archive Evaluation Assistance Kit
Authors: Sociometrics Staff
The HAPPA Kit is a comprehensive questionnaire item bank that can be customized for use with any adult HIV/AIDS prevention program. The HAPPA Kit was developed to measure attitudes, knowledge, and risk behaviors associated with HIV/AIDS. Virtually all questions in the item bank were drawn from national surveys studying HIV knowledge, behaviors, and attitudes. Program users are encouraged to use the HAPPA Kit to assist in the development of surveys for use in their evaluation efforts. Individual items from the HAPPA Kit can be culled into a smaller version of an evaluation for increased usability. Data collected from the resulting survey can then be compared to the items' original data pools.

The HAPPA Evaluation Questionnaire (EvalQ) represents an effort by HAPPA staff to produce a shorter, more feasible evaluation instrument from the HAPPA Kit item bank. Using the HAPPA Kit as a starting point, HAPPA staff culled a subset of questions into the EvalQ, a shorter survey that addresses all of the measures of effectiveness related to the HAPPA program archive. Designed for self-administration by program participants, the EvalQ focuses on assessing participants' risk behaviors. The EvalQ may be used as an alternative or supplement to the original evaluation instrument provided in the HAPPA Program Package.

Also included in the HAPPA Kit is a booklet which describes the goals, development and content of the item bank and provides instructions on how to tailor the resource to suit your particular intervention milieu.

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