1972-74 Ventura County Survey of Unmarried Pregnant Women Aged 13-20
Investigators: Jerome Evans, Winston Chow, & Marvin Eisen

During the period of the study (1972-1974), the Public Health Clinic in Ventura County, California served as the primary intake point for nearly all women who received abortions in the county. In addition, large numbers of pregnant women who did not have abortions came to the clinic for prenatal care and counseling. This file contains information obtained via structured, close-ended interviews with a sample of 406 unmarried, never-before pregnant women who were in their first trimester of pregnancy and between the ages of 13 and 20. These questions focused on contraceptive knowledge, attitudes, and usage; attitudes regarding abortion; and perceived opinions and attitudes of significant others. Additional data included information on work and leisure activities, sexual and reproductive knowledge, and attitudes toward sexuality. Subsequent to collection of these data, additional information was collected from approximately 87% of the women at a 6 month follow-up interview. The follow-up data are archived separately (DAAPPP Data Set No. 47).

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